Interesting facts about the beautiful Maltese
~Country of Origin:  Italy/Malta

~Coat:  Long White Coat

~Character:  Pleasant, loyal,delicate, friendly,protective and very sensitive.

~Temperament:  Gets along well with children and other pets.

~Training:  Maltese are very sensitive.  Encouragement should be used rather than harsh

~Maltese are a favorite lap dog of fashionable men and women.  Maltese are loving
companions that will love you unconditionally.  They are very loving and will accompany
you wherever you go.

~Maltese are intelligent, spirited, sensitive and responsive which makes them easy to

~Maltese are a healthy breed that will live well into their teens with proper care.

~The Maltese coat resembles human hair so people who are allergic to other breeds will
do just great with this breed.

~The Maltese are well suited in an apartment setting, home or country estate.

~Their proud carriage and its glorious adornment make these a favorite of film stars,
models and other personalities in the public life as well as fanciers the world over.

EAMON                         "VINNIE"